III - BES Elite Development


Bangkok Ensi Sport Elite for selected player only between 9-14+ years old. We offer a professional training program for elite players.We start with young players development of soccer skills coordination, endurance and intensity with high engagement.we will train and play progressively in to 7 a side to 11 a side match. Players train 3-5 days a week and learns how to:

  1. reading the game tactically
  2.  technical skills
  3.  Speed of thought and action
  4.  Mental skills,
  5.  Master technique and develop functional
  6. Understanding of multiple 11 vs 11 systems
  7. football tactic  training
  8. Challenge national league and tournament and international tournament

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There is no better place to improve your skills in a relaxing and friendly environment than at our football academy. Our football academy was designed to make sure you can have the football experience you have been looking for.