Football Academy


Bangkok Ensi Sport combines the modern style of African and European football together to bring a positive coaching experience to the children of Bangkok, Thailand. The coaches include ex-professional players and an FA England qualified coach.


Bangkok Ensi Sport pursues three Fundamental objectives:

1- To train young children by introducing them to sports from an early age. Also, show them the moral qualities necessary for the emergence of their talent.

2- Promote the integration of young footballers into the team and ensure a real nursery of the different national selection

3-Participate in the improvement of the overall levels of football in Thailand by providing talented and well-trained players for the future

We offer various soccer skills for children:

B.E.S First Touch level 1 & 2

45 – 60 mins class for children between 21/2 – 7 years old. We introduce the importance of physical development and children learn skills ball manipulation and above all with the smile and love.

B.E.S Elite Player Development.

90 mins class for children between 8 – 14 years old Each elite player receives up to 6 hours of skills, challenging, compete and stimulating coaching each week. We want to produce technically smart and physically excellent footballers who are confident in the game.

Just like a professional players.

  • We offer: individual or group training
  • Video analysis during training and in the match. (show good action, error correction and show assist or goal)
  • Training with different methods and coaches.
  • Coaching priorities depending on the age category of the children
  • Cooperation sport medicine for optional growth process.
  • Support physiological abilities of the players